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What do you need more information about? Take a deeper dive into books recommendations, articles, blogs , MOOCs and videos around key topics that are important in helping us flourish and build flourishing workplaces! 

Here are some of my thoughts and reflections of the link between creativity and wellbeing and the essential elements that
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Hear from Hannah, the Director of HR, about what we have been up to, to grow happiness and wellbeing amongst the staff
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If you look back over your career what have you noticed about the technological impact on how you do your
Are you an organisational development specialist or an experienced coach or supervisor with a passion for focusing on building positive
Please note that these testimonials relate to the time when I worked with the organisation and some organisations and people
Whether I work with you individually, or you are interested in organising coaching for a an employee or a client,
As well as a Coach and a Facilitator, I am also an Artist. You can see more of my work
Mindtrip’s approach is performance and life focused, creative and flexible. Our aim is to help you find your inner navigator and
Heather's inspirations, which are continually evolving, are currently being influenced by the work that is ongoing within behavioural science, creativity,
Perrywood garden centre
Organisation Development- People, Values and wellbeing I have been working for 18 months with Perrywood and award winning family run garden
Learning & Development Faciltation I worked for over ten years  delivering the counsellor and advanced counsellor training within EY as
I specialise in people development and particularly training in behavioural change, strengths based wellbeing and 'soft skills'. I can design
We worked with London TravelWatch at a time of large change helping both the staff and managers process and deal
Change management Over a 12-18 month month period I designed and assembled a team of 5 consultants, to deliver a large
mindtrip reflections of ideas, thoughts, hints and tips and book recommendations focused around building a flourishing work environment.