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L&D Design and facilitation- People, Wellbeing and Change

I specialise in people development and particularly training in behavioural change, strengths based wellbeing and ‘soft skills’. I can design or design and deliver courses for you that can be either delivered in person or remotely through your digital learning strategy facilitating just in time or real time learning for your employees. 

I have a particular expertise in designing and delivering training in the following areas:

  • Coaching & advanced listening and questioning skills
  • Strengths based careers development
  • Integrated wellbeing, development and performance conversations 
  • Performance development conversations including positive and constructive feedback
  • Dealing with challenging, conflict and difficult conversations
  • Mindfulness and compassion
  • Dealing with change and transitions
  • Leading change and transitions
  • Resilience and mental flourishing
  • Employee wellbeing training- incl stress management, 
  • Healthy manager and healthy workplace
  • Happiness and wellbeing (incl PERMA)

Case studies

associated-british-foods-plc-logoI worked collaboratively with a specialist in procurement to design a modular programme focused around strategic category management. The course was designed so that attendees learnt the  key technical skills while being interwoven with key soft skills.


herbert-smithlogoAs part of the wider change programme I ran for Herbert Smith I designed five 90-120 minute skills booster sessions focused around increasing key soft skills that the support population were particularly requesting EY

I worked for over ten years  delivering the counsellor and advanced counsellor training within EY. We were one of only a couple of providers that the organisation had used for that length of time in the UK. This work involved perfomance management, relationship building, coaching and difficult conversations training. The advanced programme including greater complexity including neurodiversity, careers and mental health.