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Fancy a side hustle?

Thinking about earning some money on the side? Whatever your reason for taking out a side hustle, you are not alone! Burgeoning in the States and building here with the disruption caused by new technology enabled business models it might just be that that hobby of yours, that passion around wellbeing or your love of travel may in fact enable you to earn a bit of cash on the side. Generally the focus on a side hustle is to make some money out of doing something you love in addition to your current work or you may have come up with an idea or disruption all of your own to add a bit of variety to your life. The following article  gives you a little bit to think about..

Some questions and examples to get you thinking!

What do you love doing that you want to share with others?

For example i’m an artist and love to paint to express myself and share a bit of beauty in the world. It’s my way of making me smile and de-stressing and the added benefit is that I make a bit of money on the side selling paintings and running workshops

What ‘asset’ (physical, skill, experience or passion)  do you have that others might want to use, rent or buy?

This could be using airbnb to rent out your house, gigging your graphic design skills on the side or like myself providing careers coaching  virtually through free to use video conferencing.