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Who we are

HeatherJohnstonb&wsmallerMindtrip was set up by Heather Rachel Johnston who works as a Organisational Development Consultant, Executive and Career Coach, Artist and Facilitator. Her motivation is to help individuals and teams flourish through focusing on their strengths and achieving successful sustainable results in an environment that supports an individual’s and an organisation’s mental capital and wellbeing.

Her early career was spent in Business Service Development and Project Management in the NHS before retraining as a People & Organisational Development consultant with a particular interest in wellbeing, career transitions, creativity, inter and intra team development and change management. Heather has worked in both Investment Banking and the NHS, is a Certified Coach and Mindfulness Teacher & Practitioner and brings a Cognitive Behavioural approach to her work. This is complemented by a degree in Economics (with a particular interest in health and behavioural economics) from St Andrews University and an MBA from Henley Management College. Heather is also a practicing artist and you can see more of her work here.

Heather established mindtrip in 2004 and since then has worked with a range of large blue chip organisations through to charities and schools. She enjoys the variety of working in different cultures and has a particular interest in working with those that help others so as to grow a happier and healthier society.