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Coaching Testimonials

I have a good job and a stable family life, however I felt I’d lost control over my career path and I’d had recently lost my father to cancer. I was struggling to stand back and think about what I really wanted to do with my career. Heather helped me by using several different methods to look into my motivators, my strengths and what it was I actually wanted. Heather helped me find a way to use my own bias for taking practical steps to work out what to do next. In short I found the small number of sessions extremely useful in getting me to think clearly and to take action. I feel I am regaining a bit of control. Mark, HR

Thank you for all help with clarifying my priorities and future plans. I found our sessions hugely empowering. Senior Teacher

Heather coached me over a 2.5 year period through a career transition into a leadership role and returning to work after having my first child. Her support has been invaluable during this time. Heathers style is relaxed and informal putting you at ease straight away. She is able to navigate any topic required with the greatest of ease moving seamlessly from one learning to another providing tools and resources with the best fit for each individuals learning style. Joanne, Project Manager

Heather guided me through a number of exercises so that I was able to take stock of my career to date, to assess what I needed from a job and also to define what I was good at and enjoyed doing. However what I valued most was being able to talk to her about my career and what I want to do, and this has enabled me to view the future with less fear and more optimism. Whatever direction my career takes, I know that I can discuss any issues with Heather and receive support and advice. Simon, Project Manager

I am in a much better place than I was when we met and I can not thank you enough.  I feel that I can stand with the best of them again and feel that I deserve to. Tracy, Finance Professional

I feel that I have been able to make a more positive contribution to the strategic direction of the organization, and have gained greater confidence in my views. Heather is very personable and professional, and I have valued her input in my ongoing development. Bryan, Transport

Heather has consistently given me timely and appropriate support during a period when I was experiencing change and wanted to make a number of decisions.  Her support has very often been insightful and just what I needed in several situations. Andrew, Procurement

I have been working with Heather for some months now and so many elements of my life have been affected by the coaching process in such a positive way.    Having someone completely disconnected from your work and personal life, and in an entirely confidential situation, really allows you to share your character and what makes you, you.    My objective at the outset of the coaching programme was to develop in my role but in a way that was truly authentic to my character and values, and I believe that Heather has shaped our sessions and work together over the past months and really helped me along the road to achieving that.  I have already, and would to continue to recommend Heather as a coach to my colleagues. Helen, Procurement

It made me take a look at bad habits I had picked up, the way I am perceived and also what inspires me and motivates me. It has definitely made me think about the sort of job I want in the future and how best to present myself. Jo, Communications & PR

During the course of my employment as Head of Learning, EMEA, at JPMorgan, I worked with Heather on a number of initiatives and clearly got to know her very well.   Heather coached a number of individuals at JPMorgan, including myself, and was excellent.  The coaching Heather gave me ultimately resulted in me moving role.  I have since asked Heather to facilitate team workshops for me around motivation and career goals and aspirations. Brenda, Investment Banking

Using a combination of one-to-one interviews, personal profiling tools and tailored background reading, Heather has enabled me identify key professional strengths and personal goals to draw up a career development plan which will match the lifestyle choices I am aiming for.  By working with me to pinpoint how I operate, areas of work and development that I enjoy / prefer and what I want to work towards, Heather has been able to channel my choices for the future into manageable steps and realistic targets. Esther, Operations Management

Thankyou for your help and advice and for supporting me on my journey back to reality! I appreciate everything you’ve done. Sandy, Mental Health

Heather’s coaching helped me to establish and reach personal and professional improvement goals and objectives. Furthermore, Heather’s coaching skills were very effective in helping me to make difficult decisions by consulting with me and asking the right questions to enable me to feel comfortable with the decisions I was taking. I would highly recommend working with Heather Johnston as a coach. My experience of working with Heather has had a positive impact on my self awareness, on writing ambitious development objectives, and overall on improving my potential both personally and professionally. Lara, Investment Banking