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Interested in a an experienced peer support network?

July 15th, 2019

Heather Johnston

Are you an organisational development specialist or an experienced coach or supervisor with a passion for focusing on building positive and healthy workplaces and personally nourishing careers? I’m looking to co-create a peer support network with people that would value an action learning set/virtual mentoring/ peer group supervision. Sound interesting?

You may be an independent consultant, or work in house or maybe just wanting to keep a toe in…and would value community, collaboration and exploration with a group of experienced peers… I envisage we’d meet virtually (Skype) or face to face (Essex/London/Suffolk), maximum 6 people per group…to provide support, education/ mentoring and reflection. An hour per month or maybe less frequently…

What’s the catch? If you’re in your in…honouring the commitment to the group..apart from that it’s what we make it! Email me if you’d like to give it a go…and see where we end up.


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