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How to boost your creativity

heather rachel johnston


Join me for my 12 day creativity challenge hack. Each day find in your inbox a short 5 minute video of the 12 hacks that help me be creative that you can apply to your life and work



Books on creativity and curiosity


Art and Creativity


As well as a Coach and a Facilitator, I am also an Artist. You can see more of my work at

I am particularly interested in the link between the arts and creativity and their link in developing meaningfulness within people’s lives, innovation,  helping people’s wellbeing and dealing with stress. The arts are a useful way of helping people process emotions and work with complex issues in a non verbal way. They can be playful and fun! (and hard work…)

In this way they can be used both by individual’s in their daily lives to give pleasure and joy and can also be used within teams and in organisations to build connections, develop creativity and innovation and determine future goals and direction. As they say a picture paints a 1000 words….

Lets use the ‘other side’ of our brains!


Art, Nature and Mindfulness Day- November 26th @016



Art, Nature and Mindfulness Day

p1130136loPlease join me of a truly special day exploring both our inner and outer landscape…on Saturday 26th November 2016

Held at Wormingford Community Education Centre, a former primary school located in the peace and tranquility of the rolling Stour Valley- an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The day will start with a short intro and taster to mindfulness practice and how it can enhance our creativity and response to what we see, feel and sense followed by getting outside (in all weathers!) to experience the local landscape.

We will then take this experience back to the Centre for you to work and develop your own piece of work/s as a response.

To make the most of the Autumn light the day will run from 9.30-4pm. £65

The day is limited to 8 places. Tea and Coffee facilities are provided but please bring your own lunch, art materials and suitable walking gear for all weathers. A suggested list of what to bring will be sent closer to the day.

Heather is a colourist, painting expressive nature based paintings inspired by a mindful sense of place. She is a mindfulness practitioner, a coach and learning and development consultant; running mindfulness courses on the Essex/Suffolk Border.

Creative arts based workshops and events with teams

January 20th, 2014

Heather Johnston


As one of my new offerings for 2014 I will be providing creativity and art based workshops and events for teams and groups. So if you fancy getting a bit messy and doing something different to come up with some new ideas or solve your organisational challenges or just to spend time as team, then this could be for you!

In my organisational work, I hear a number of comments about wanting to be more innovative and creative either individually or with the work that the group is doing. Using art based techniques alongside my facilitation and event design skills I can work with your group:

  • To start to see things around themselves differently
  • To help them come up with some new ideas
  • To tap in to the intuitive part of themselves that may hold some more unique ideas than traditional approaches
  • To work on something both individually and together to help see interconnections and build a sense of team spirit
  • To loosen up and have some fun!

As some of you know I have been painting for 14 years and have my own studio and participate in open studios and have a few exhibitions coming up this year (see

All materials will be provided and no artistic skills are required- the focus is on the process of the creation! You will also have some strong visual reminders to take back with you to the office, if you so wish.

So if you fancy taking a different approach to solving some of your organisational challenges and coming up with some innovative ideas for the future then please do give me a call on 07801 246113 or e-mail me