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How can coaching help?

Clients can come to coaching for many reasons and benefit from the personalised nature that a coaching session can bring. Clients find the main benefits of working with a coach are:

  • Greater clarity over personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Improved confidence
  • Having a safe confidential place to talk through concerns objectively and bounce ideas
  • Accountability and follow up to do the things they said they would
  • Non judgemental support
  • Achieving personal goals

My aim in all coaching sessions is to build independence and tools for life that clients can use for themselves and with others. Some typical coaching engagements will include:

  1. Careers crossroads
  2. Understanding personal strengths and motivations
  3. Capitalising on a job change or promotion (or going for one!)
  4. Feeling stuck and not sure what to do
  5. Help with time management and life balance
  6. Building resilience and dealing with pressure
  7. Dealing with redundancy
  8. Setting up your own business
  9. Building/Rebuilding confidence  
  10. Improving relationships with others

I aim to work with you to achieve your personal objectives, which are jointly agreed at the commencement of the sessions. Together we will work together to identify personal goals and/or areas that are holding you back from achieving your full potential. We will then determine together what action needs to be taken to fulfil your coaching needs. A number of tools and techniques will be used to help you develop (reawaken) the skills and attitudes that will help you achieve your goals.