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13332815_887917937980078_7620649706979066777_n As well as a Coach and a Facilitator, I am also an Artist. You can see more of my work at

I am particularly interested in the link between the arts and creativity and their link in developing meaningfulness within people’s lives, helping people’s wellbeing and dealing with stress. The arts are a useful way of helping people process emotions and work with complex issues in a non verbal way.

In this way they can be used both by individual’s in their daily lives to give pleasure and joy and can also be used within teams and in organisations to build connections, develop creativity and innovation and determine future goals and direction. As they say a picture paints a 1000 words….

I also integrating my skills and run art and mindfulness workshops, with the next event on the 9th July see more here

Please see my blog about my creative arts based workshops

Each hear I participate in Suffolk Open Studios and will be opening on 10-11 June and 17-18th June 2017 11-5pm