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Happiness and Wellbeing Resources

What do you need more information about? Take a deeper dive into books recommendations, articles, blogs , MOOCs and videos around key topics that are important in helping us flourish and build flourishing workplaces! 

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Boost your emotional wellbeing for better psychological health
Your emotions count! “If you experience a healthy dose of positivity and you can sustain it, it can also empower...
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The case for wellbeing in the workplace
More and more attention is beginning to be paid to wellbeing initiatives at work. Moving from just focusing on ad...
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Mindtrip September Reflections on burnout and compassion
mindtrip September reflections on burnout and compassion View this post in your browser ( mindtrip reflections of ideas, thoughts, hints...
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Positive Emotions: Love
Barbara Fredrickson’s latest book is called love 2.0 It builds on her first book-Positivity, picking up on the strengths of...
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Getting in touch with our deeper self
How often do you go through a day carried in a stream of busyness and doing? Constantly running from meeting...
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Books on Positivity and developing Resilience
In my coaching with individuals and supporting Leaders and Managers within Organisations the topic of resilience, positivity and ‘can-do’ attitude...
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Wellbeing at Work Survey for both Individuals, Teams and Organisations
Update: This survey has now been phased out. I do have a number of other surveys I use please do...
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Looking back and Looking forwards
It is the time of year for thinking about resolutions and considering what the future might hold. Many of the...
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What drives you…is it from within or without…?
Great article about intrinsic and  extrinsic goals and their link to a person’s overall happiness. We all need money but...
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Mindfulness and Heartfulness
Mindfulness is a way of being in the present moment so that we become more aware and fully present, noticing...
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OD- happy, healthy and productive workplaces
Research shows that developing a supportive organisational culture is as important if more than important than just focusing on individual...
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