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Behavioural Change & Transitions Management


Are you Implementing digital solutions?Restructuring? Outsourcing? Going through a merger? Reorganising and instigating a redundancy programme? Something else?

Mindtrip has experience of helping both leaders and staff to capitalise, adapt and survive through change and transitions. We will work with you to build and deliver effective behavioural change strategies that complement and enhance your business change. We can also deliver facilitated workshops along with individual and team coaching sessions that enhances understanding and the impact of behavioural change and transitions.

We use evidence based approaches, models and techniques that are embedded in the behavioural sciences including social and cognitive psychology and behavioural sciences as well as latest thinking from neuroscience and psychological coaching.

We help organisations plan for and for people to understand the emotional and social impact of transitions, help them re-assert control and open up 2 way communication and design.

For those leaving an organisation we can offer tailored careers transitions coaching and transitions workshops that focus on helping people ‘get back onto their feet’, process and understand the emotions of the transition that they are going through and support them on finding the best next step for them in their career.

Case Study

ltw-logoWe worked with London TravelWatch at a time of large change helping both the staff and managers process and deal with the impact of a large downsize. We worked with them to deliver two all staff workshops around understanding and dealing with change and ensuring consistency of approach in the new organisation going forward. This latter piece of work focusing on developing the organisations values and understanding how they are lived day to day.

Thanks for delivering such a light touch but powerful workshop yesterday. It did just what I hoped

Chief Executive London TravelWatch

Herbert smithlogoOver a 12-18 month month period I designed and assembled a team of 5 consultants, to deliver a large cross departmental change programme “Good to Excellent’  across support services with the focus on building a sense of community and customer service for internal and external clients. The design had 4 phases including workshops and skills boosters.

To read more about the programme and its design please click :  Herbert Smith Good to excellent Programme This was written by the OD department at Herbert Smith for an award submission.

Team Coaching & Development


I bring a strategic consultancy approach to team development, designing tailored events for 5-100 people focusing on where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to do to move forward. Focus will be both on the task, process and people aspects of the team’s development be it development within an intact senior leadership team or getting teams to work effectively together across an organisation.

Mindtrip delivers a variety of approaches to team development using coaching and creative techniques, analysis from instruments and surveys as well as the latest academic research and thinking from business schools.

Case Study

Herbert smithlogoPrior to Herbert Smith’s merger, I worked over a period of Ten years with the Information and Systems department. During that time I worked with them to build a sense of team within the Leadership team, each sub team within the department, across the overall department and also inter relationships between the department and other departments they worked closely with. Work included

  • Consulting, designing and facilitating tailored nine yearly top team  leadership offsites and 1:1 coaching
  • Designing and facilitating intra departmental team events
  • Designing and facilitating a series of tailored department wide team leader management development 
  • Designing and facilitating an all department conference

We needed a facilitator to help us in the critical task of coalescing the senior management team. Heather did exactly that and lived up to out high expectations.

Group Chief Information Officer, Herbert Smith LLP (now retired)