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Books on mindfulness and compassion



by Williams Penman
MINDFULNESS reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break the cycle of unhappiness, stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion and promote genuine joie de vivre. It's the kind of happiness that ...
by Sharon Salzberg
Explains how the Buddhist path can help individuals discover the inner joy within themselves, and shares simple Buddhist teachings and suggestions for meditation.
The Little Mindfulness Workbook
by Gary Hennessy
A practical, jargon-free workbook for you to put mindfulness strategies into practice and improve your life. Explore the key principles of mindfulness to reduce stress and be more effective and efficient, generally improving your well-being.
Love 2.0
by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D.
We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much. Even more than happiness and optimism, love holds the key to improving our mental and physical health as well as lengthening ...
Buddha's Brain
by Rick Hanson
Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Gandhi, and the Buddha all had brains built essentially like anyone else's, yet they were able to harness their thoughts and shape their patterns of thinking in ways that changed history. With new breakthroughs in modern ...

Supervision for Coaches and Development Professionals

Supervision is a place where a living profession breathes and learns….supervision can be a very important part of taking care of oneself, staying open to new learning, and an indispensable part of the coach’s ongoing self-development, self-awareness and commitment to learning.
Hawkins and Shohet


Having undertaken my coach training in 2004, and coached for many years and trained others to coach,  I wanted to push my skills further and to offer others a peer to peer learning relationship and the support and challenge needed to enhance your practice as either an internal or external coach, a L&D or OD consultant or anyone working in a helping profession. This can involve supervision related to your client work; where you are in your own development journey or reflecting on the impact of your work on the wider system you are working within.

I bring a unique combination of skills to my work as a Coach and Supervisor, melding the analytical thought of business skills thinking through my early career, with creative approaches and thinking combined with a solid foundations in reflection and mindfulness and cognitive behavioural coaching supported by an active interest and practice in the latest offerings in strengths based positive psychology and compassion based approaches. This is underpinned with my Supervision training focused around the seven eyed model with Robert Shohet and Joan Wilmot at CSTD.

“Heather is a great supervisor.  She is calm, empathetic and practical.  I feel like she understands the issues and challenges my thinking in a non-judgemental way.  Heather’s contribution has helped me build on my coaching offering”


I have a wonderfully rewarding peer supervision relationship with Vicky Palethorpe who is also a supervisor, counsellor, mindfulness and compassion practitioner and coach.


I offer different rates depending on the nature of my clients and am very happy to have a ‘chemistry’ session to explore if I might be the right supervisor for you.

For Organisations my rate will be my organisational coaching rate with a 10% discount if you book 3 sessions. Please contact me to explore. As a cost effective and in some ways richer alternative I also can offer group supervision for groups of up to 6 coaches.

For those that work independently my rate is tiered, determined by your billing rates and income, and my rate is detailed below with a further 10% discount if you book 3 sessions

For those working mainly as

Organisational and Executive Coaches £85

Private Coaches/ small business coaches £50 per hour

Life coaches  £40 per hour

I offer virtual sessions or face to face sessions and always start with a face to face session where at all possible. I use an interactive virtual classroom platform which enables us to use an interactive whiteboard and share slides, videos and documents if needed as part of the session.  If you are looking for face to face sessions then travel charges will also apply depending on where you are based.

Got some questions?  Then please do get in touch to explore on 07801 246113 or via email


Case Studies- Perrywood

Perrywood garden centre

Organisation Development- People, Values and wellbeing

I have been working for 18 months with Perrywood and award winning family run garden centre based in Essex and Suffolk . They have grown considerably with their success and needed help in crystallising their people strategy, finalising their values and implementing an approach to support staff wellbeing. The work started with running a happiness at work survey to establish key areas of focus and then writing and implementing a people strategy as well as a wellbeing strategy. We have taken an iterative holistic approach that looks at both the structure, policies and processes as well as culture, L&D, staff feedback and involvement as well as establishing partnerships with occupational health and EAP providers.

As part of this process we also wanted to hear staff’s views on what they thought made Perrywood special. I designed and facilitated a short workshop for all staff working more than a certain number of hours. These values have now been integrated into day to day desision making at Perrywood.


An essential part of any wellbeing strategy for an organisation is the abilities and awareness of its managers. As part of the roll out of the work staff requested more feedback on their performance and so we re-introduced 1:1 chats with a coaching approach and I trained all managers on how to have these conversations. This was rolled out to all staff.

Also designed are a series of workshops that can be delivered digitally or face to face on resilience, mental flourishing, healthy management, employee wellbeing, feedback & difficult conversations and Development & Wellbeing. 

Coaching (Executive, Management and Careers)


I have been a coach since 2000 and use a tailored mix of cognitive behavioural coaching, positive psychology, mindfulness, heartfulness (kindness and compassion) and creativity based approaches, we will work together to see how you perceive your challenges and how different perspectives can help you to overcome and/or accept them. We will then put this into a change action/intention plan with the ultimate goal of you becoming your own coach.

My approach to coaching and leadership development focuses on building on an individual’s strengths and how a leader can best bring out those strengths in themselves and others to build engagement, motivation and results. We will also think about these strengths in relation to what the organisation needs of them and how this balances with external pressures that are being brought to bear on the individual and the organisation. I like to mix up my approach, and where appropriate in helping leaders deal with change, ambiguity and complexity, we may use  awareness and acceptance approaches such as mindfulness, compassion,  the creative arts and walking and the outdoors. I have a particular interest in working with those that are going through transitions and I also work privately as a careers coach.

Want to know what some of my clients have said about working with me, what to expect? Click helping you decide

I am able to design tailored leadership development programmes that are centred around helping current and emerging leaders understand where they are in their own personal development journey and how that aligns with what the organisation and wider society needs of them. The implementation of the programme will be tailored to the needs of the organisation and can be offered as a blended solution of one to one coaching, workshops and skills boosters combined with ‘bibliotherapy’, mentoring and action learning groups.

Please click the links to find out more about the inspirations and our approach that inform mindtrip’s coaching.

Case studies

twinings I coached a number of people over a 4 year period at Twinings. Covering those in more senior roles and those that were transitioning into manager roles. Each coachee had a tailored programme based on 3 way contracting for objective setting over a number of months with often a follow up/ refresh session after an appropriate length of time. I worked with people in procurement, marketing and finance.

Heather coached me over a 2.5 year period through a career transition into a leadership role and returning to work after having my first child. Her support has been invaluable during this time. Heathers style is relaxed and informal putting you at ease straight away. She is able to navigate any topic required with the greatest of ease moving seamlessly from one learning to another providing tools and resources with the best fit for each individuals learning style.


St albans high school for girls copyI have coached members of the senior team at St Albans High School for girls. Either helping them to transition into new leadership roles and/or to help in their career progression

Thank you for all help with clarifying my priorities and future plans. I found our sessions hugely empowering.

Senior Teacher on Leadership Team