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Heather’s inspirations, which are continually evolving, are currently being influenced mostly by the work that is ongoing within mindfulness and compassion based interventions, Positive Psychology and in particular strengths based development; integrity, ethics and authenticity in Leadership Development and dealing with emotional challenges through Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. She is passionate about helping others to be the best they can be while at the same time not doing damage to others and the wider environment. Heather also has a particular interest in bringing research based psychology tools and creativity techniques to mindtrip’s work. You can find out more about some of the latest thinking that is catching her attention through subscribing to mindtrip’s blog.

Having a first degree in Economics and working within the field of occupational psychology, Heather has a particular interest in the work that spans both disciplines and in particular the work of  Richard Layard and the team at action for happiness and NEF.

Wellbeing at a personal, organisational and societal level is also key to her work and she has been exploring the work of the Government commissioned foresight project around developing mental capital and wellbeing. To find out more about the project and its aims attached is the Mental capital and wellbeing executive summary paper.

Currently Heather is particularly interested in working with those that help others to prevent burnout. She is particularly influenced and inspired by the work being undertaken into love, empathy and compassion by Paul Gilbert, Tania Singer, Barbara Fredrickson, Matthieu Ricard, Kristin Neff and Sharon Salzberg. You can find out more about Heather’s upcoming course here


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